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5 Warning Signs That Your Sports-Related Back Pain Requires Medical Intervention

As you get older, you start to accept that certain aches and pains are normal. And some back pain after an intense day of playing your favorite sport might feel like par for the course. 

What happens, though, if that pain doesn’t go away? At what point should you make a doctor’s appointment? That’s what we’re here to investigate. 

When you are ready to get care for your back pain, Dev Sen, MD, and our team at Prime Regenerative and Pain Management are here in Fredericksburg, Virginia, to help you find relief. With a broad range of effective treatments, Dr. Sen applies the care your body needs to resolve your back issue. 

Is it time for you to come see us, though? Here are five signs that your sports-related back pain might need medical intervention. 

#1: It’s lasted for weeks and weeks

Approximately 90% of back pain will heal on its own within six weeks. Make sure you’re getting ample rest to give your body the opportunity to heal whatever’s going on in your back. But if it doesn’t get better after the six-week mark, it’s time to come see Dr. Sen. 

#2: The pain is worsening

If the injury is healing on its own, your pain should lessen by the day. Sometimes your pain level will be stagnant, but if it’s moving in the opposite direction, that’s a sign you should get a medical professional involved. Don’t wait if your pain is worsening — there’s no point in suffering longer or more than you already are right now. 

#3: You’re losing balance or mobility

We don’t think much about the role our backs play in helping us get around. But because our bodies rely on our back muscles to keep our trunk upright and balanced as we move, a back injury can affect your balance or your ability to walk normally. 

If you notice that you’re having more trouble moving about your day, come visit Dr. Sen for treatment. 

#4: The pain is radiating

If the back pain spreads to other parts of your body, it’s a sign you might need medical intervention to correct the issue. Make an appointment with us if you notice the pain radiating to your limbs or causing weakness there.

#5: Your bathroom habits change

Some back conditions like cauda equina syndrome can interfere with your ability to control your bowels or bladder. Fortunately, Dr. Sen can apply treatment to get rid of these unwanted side effects of your back injury. 

Ultimately, many cases of sports-related back injuries will heal on their own. But if you notice any of the above signs, don’t wait to make an appointment with Dr. Sen by calling Prime Regenerative and Pain Management or booking an appointment online today. 

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