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Is a Spinal Cord Stimulator the Answer to Your Chronic Back Pain?

Since low back pain is so prevalent, it’s no surprise that medical researchers constantly look for new ways to treat it. 

One of the recent innovations for alleviating back pain doesn’t treat the root cause of your pain, but instead works to interrupt the pain signals themselves. This makes it an exciting option for people who’ve tried other treatments without finding relief.  

This pain signal-interrupting treatment uses a spinal cord stimulator and is available right here at Prime Regenerative and Pain Management in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Our lead physician, Dev Sen, MD, can help you determine if the stimulator is the right option for your back pain.

Roughly 14,000 people choose to get a spinal cord stimulator each year because these devices deliver a medication-free way to moderate back pain and improve quality of life. If you’re curious about how this treatment works, here’s a brief overview.

Understanding the spinal cord stimulator 

Many other low back pain treatments work to address the root cause of your discomfort. By treating the condition causing your back problems, we can stop unwelcome symptoms like chronic pain.  

But that’s only effective if the root cause of your back pain can be resolved. In some cases, even surgery isn’t enough to right what’s wrong with your back.

Fortunately, you still have another option you can explore: a spinal cord stimulator. This small device (somewhat like a pacemaker) gets implanted near your spine, along with electrodes that touch your spine. The stimulator sends electrical pulses to the electrodes that interrupt the pain signals your back sends to your brain. 

Spinal cord stimulators come with a remote control. You can press the button on the remote to start these pain-interrupting electrical signals whenever you feel discomfort in your low back. 

Trying out a spinal cord stimulator

Another reason people like spinal cord stimulators is that you can try one before committing to it. That way, you can see if this low back pain treatment will deliver the results you want. 

During your trial, the electrodes get placed along your spine but the generator for the electrical pulses stays outside your body. You wear it on a belt. 

You try the spinal cord stimulator for about a week. If it helps reduce your pain by about 50%, we usually recommend considering implantation because this treatment can be paired with other pain management techniques. 

If the stimulator isn’t effective for you, we simply remove the electrodes and place a small bandage over the site. We then work with you to explore other back pain treatment options until you find what works for you. 

Learn more about spinal cord stimulators 

To learn more about spinal cord stimulators or to start a trial, call the office or book an appointment online today. 

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