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9 Ways to Remedy Age-Related Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most widespread conditions affecting Americans. And it only gets worse as we get older. As we lose muscle tone, bone strength, and the fluid that cushions our vertebrae, our risk for age-related back pain steadily increases through the years. 

The good news is that back pain is as treatable as it is common. Here at Prime Regenerative and Pain Management in Fredericksburg, Virginia, Dev Sen, MD, offers a broad range of treatment options to help you get relief from your discomfort. 

Here are nine options to ease your age-related back pain:

#1: Stay active

A sedentary lifestyle contributes to back pain, especially as you get older. Even something as simple as regular walks can go a long way toward keeping your spine healthy, helping to reduce your back pain. 

#2: Start physical therapy

Often, age-related back pain can be traced to a loss of muscular strength and flexibility in the spine. With specific exercises and stretches, physical therapy can help to reverse that change and improve your back health. 

#3: Correct your posture

A little hunch in your shoulders or a bit of excess arch in your back probably won’t cause you pain in your 20s. But as you get older, incorrect posture can put extra strain on your spine. Eventually, that might leave you with back pain. 

Fortunately, improving your posture can help to remedy your age-related back pain.  

#4: Consider injection-based therapies…

Here at Prime Regenerative & Pain Management, Dr. Sen offers minimally invasive treatments to give you rapid back pain relief, including:

Talk to him about your back pain so that he can identify the right injection-based therapy for you. 

#5: ...Including regenerative medicine

Dr. Sen also offers regenerative medicine injections, including stem cell and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapies. These injectables use naturally occurring substances to trigger your body’s healing processes and alleviate your back pain. 

#6: Watch your weight

Just like improper posture, excess weight can strain your back. Over time, this can contribute to age-related back pain. 

#7: Stretch and strengthen

Keeping your back limber and strong can help defend against the worsening back pain that can come with age. Consider adding activities like yoga to your workout routine. 

#8: Explore a spinal cord stimulator

If your back pain doesn’t respond to other treatments, Dr. Sen also offers spinal cord stimulators. These small, implantable devices interrupt the pain signals from your back. 

#9: Ask about radiofrequency ablation

Similarly, radiofrequency ablation treats the nerves responsible for your back pain, usually delivering relief in one to three weeks

Clearly, you have a variety of options for addressing age-related back pain. To find out which is right for you, call Prime Regenerative & Pain Management, or book an appointment online today. 

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